EVERSTRONG Elite Heavy Duty T-Bar Row Olympic Bars – Landmine Attachment for Barbell Workouts – Robust Steel Base for Home and Gym Fitness – Designed for 2-inch Olympic Barbell

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MAXIMIZE SPACE, MAXIMIZE GAINS: Achieve fitness milestones in the comfort of your home. EverStrong’s T Bar Row, a unique landmine attachment for barbell, offers a 360-degree swivel even from a tight corner. Experience a full range with your Olympic barbell, eliminating the need for cumbersome cable machines or power racks. Ideal for compact areas like living rooms and garages, it’s the quintessential T bar row attachment for limited spaces.
EFFORTLESS SET UP: Many gym tools promise results, but often at a high cost. Installing our T Bar Row is a breeze. Only two plates are needed – either 25lb, 35lb, or 45lb. Simply slide the bar into the weight plates – forming a secure landmine base – and it’s set, offering a workout experience parallel to those costly row machines.
BUILT AS TOUGH AS YOU: This T Bar Row, also known as a barbell bomb, is designed to endure. Quality gym equipment should outlive rigorous routines. Rest assured, with our Oilite Bronte Busing, we’ve ensured maximum durability and anti-corrosion. So, focus on your landmine exercises without worrying about equipment resilience.

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nSPACE SAVING: Achieving fitness goals at home has never been this convenient. EverStrong’s T Bar Row allows you a 360 degree swivel from a small corner. You get the full range of your Olympic barbell without the need for a bulky cable machine or power rack, or the expense of a bulky weights and bar set. Great for small spaces like living rooms and garages.nEASY INSTALLATION: Lots of gym equipment out there promises optimum results – but they also come with an optimum price tag. This T Bar Row is so easy to set up. It requires 2 plates ideally 25b, 35lb or 45lb. Pop the bar into the weight plates, and you’ll find it’s secure enough to create adequate tension to work out your muscles with just as much efficacy as that expensive row machine!nAS STURDY AND STRONG AS YOU ARE: We have built this T Bar Row to take a beating, because we believe that all good gym equipment needs to withstand the storm of a really solid workout. We don’t want you stressing about the durability of your equipment in the middle of crushing your landmines. That’s why we used Oilite Bronte Busing for durability and anti-corrosion.nWE AIM FOR YOUR STRONG SATISFACTION: We know you’ve looked far and wide for a barbell set that you can depend on. You’re in the process of developing the home gym that you need to get into top condition, so you need a barbell weight set that you can rely on. We believe in the durability and strength of our T Bar Row